The Story

My FATHER’S BBQ, my Mother’s Kitchen. Where Alabama meets Texas. Now if you look on a map of this country you’ll be hard pressed to find the point of contact where Alabama touches, connects to or comes close to Texas. But let me assure you it does, it did and I’ve got proof. First Alabama is known for its Deep South roots. The family, the friends the southern hospitality are all important. But what’s even more important is a good meal and the preparation of if that meal which in the “Heart of Dixie” means everybody is involved. My Father’s BBQ takes the traditions of an Alabama BBQ, seasonings of the South and a dedication to perfecting the flavor, tenderness and the smoke in the meat. One taste of the smoked pork and beef ribs, the pulled pork, the succulent beef brisket, the chicken and links, well no matter where you are from you’ll be singing “Sweet Home Alabama”. If Daddy is smoking the BBQ then make no mistake about it, Mama is switchin’ in the kitchen.

My Father's BBQ Staff posing and smiling for the camera